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Reblog if no one has a crush on you.

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The 1st half of 2013 isn’t over yet, but I already know this isn’t my year… Again.
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Why I’m Single


I’m not interested in anyone but when I am, they don’t give the same amount of effort that I do.

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  • In class: I actually get this
  • Homework: What the fuck
  • Quiz: What the fuck
  • Test: What the fuck
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do you ever think about what your traits would be if you were a sim


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do you ever feel like everyone else is progressing in life and you’re not 

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  • Me: seriously though its time to pull my shit together
  • Me *7 months later: seriously though its time to pull my shit together


don’t you hate it when people make a joke about you, about something that you are actually incredibly insecure about and they don’t realize it, but every laugh feels like a stab in your chest, because it hurts so much and brings up memories you’d rather forget. but you can’t say anything, because then people would know your weaknesses. they’d know how insecure you really are. so instead you just laugh it off, and hide the pain you feel inside.

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